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I just stumbled upon a social media blog post by Lena West, Chief of Social Media Strategy at xynoMedia, and I had to share it on my blog as well.  Enjoy! A while back I joined an organization that I believed in whole-heartedly. I liked their ideals, mission and leadership. When I met people whom […]

Here is a great post from Chris Brogan, listing  19 Presence Management Chores You COULD Do Every Day If you’re looking to establish your online presence, and build relationships, it’s not the kind of project where you show up, build your profiles, friend a few people, and call it good. It’s a lot like tending […]

Alysia Shivers, a fellow new media friend and colleague of mine, recently wrote a great article for the Naples Florida Weekly (my hometown) on the increasing integration of social network marketing into the real estate industry.  Enjoy! Of the 87 percent of buyers using the Internet in 2008, 32 percent found a home compared to […]

Below is a great post from James Shiner, from GeekEstate, on integrating Facebook into your Real Estate Strategy. Facebook is a phenomenon used by hundreds of millions of users worldwide. According to / comScore — Facebook has over 110 million active users, is the 4th most-trafficked website in the world, and is the most-trafficked […]

Hi Everyone, After many people asking where to find me on the Social Web, I have compiles a simple list of my top 5 social network sites. Just click the buttons below to link up.  Enjoy!