The New Rules of Marketing and PR


Here is a great piece from the book, “The New Rules of Marketing and PR” by David Meerman Scott, where he uses an example to illustrate how using great content brands a resource and helps the organization succeed, achieve goals like adding revenue, gaining donations and generating sales.

“The Concrete Network ( provides information about residential concrete products and services and helps buyers and sellers connect with each other/ The company targets consumers and builders who might want to plan and build a concrete patio, pool deck, or driveway-this audience makes up the business-to-consumer component of The Concrete Network-as well as the concrete contractors who comprise the business to business component. The Concrete Network’s Find-a-Contractor Service links homeowners and builders who need a project done with contractors who specialize in 22 different services located in 199 metropolitan areas in both the US and Canada. the company’s Web content, combined with a comprehensive direct-to-consumer news release strategy, drives business for The Concrete Network.

The new rules of PR are that anybody who wants to be the leader has to have news coming out,” says Jim Peterson, president of The Concrete Network. The company’s ongoing PR program includes two direct-to-consumer news releases per week; a series of articles on the site; free online catalogs for categories such as countertops, pool decks, patios, and driveways; and photo galleries for potential customers to check out what’s available.

As a result of all the terrific content, V gets more traffic than any other concrete site in history, according to Peterson. He says that releases with headlines that are tied to holidays, releases that are on the humorous side, and educational releases work best. News releases designed specifically to sell haven’t done well. “Peterson is very conscious of the words and phrases that he uses in news releases and crafts them to reach specific niche targets. For example, ” contemporary fireplace,” “fireplace mantle,” and “fireplace design” are important phrases to reach people who are in the market for a fireplace. The news releases are all sent with beautiful news photos drawn from “Earth’s largest collection of decorative concrete photos” on The Concrete Network.

For example, Peterson chooses from dozens of photos of just concrete patios. We know how many visitors reach us via the news releases, and it is similar to paid search engine marketing,” Peterson says but at a lower cost. “We’re also generating links from other sites that index the news releases, and there is a media bonus, too, when we get mentioned in a story.” He adds that the site averaged 550,000 visitors per month in 2005 and 850,000 in 2006. “direct-to-consumer news releases are a big part of the increased traffic.

When you break it down, we’re spending about twenty thousand dollars per year on news release distribution. . . We see it as another component of our marketing. Some businesses won’t want to spend that, but they probably won’t be the leader in the marketplace.”


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