19 Presence Management Chores You COULD Do Every Day


Here is a great post from Chris Brogan, listing  19 Presence Management Chores You COULD Do Every Day

If you’re looking to establish your online presence, and build relationships, it’s not the kind of project where you show up, build your profiles, friend a few people, and call it good. It’s a lot like tending the farm. Here are seven particular “chores” you could do every day that should prove beneficial to your online interests.


  • Find seven things worth retweeting in your general feed and share.
  • Reply to at least five things with full responses (not just “thanks”).
  • Point out a few people that you admire. It shows your mindset, too.
  • Follow back at least 10 folks. (I use an automated tool, but this is a personal preference. If you want such, I use SocialToo.)
  • 10 minutes of just polite two-way chit chat goes far.


  • Check in on birthdays on the home page. (Want a secret? Send the birthday wish via Twitter or email. Feels even more deliberate.)
  • Respond to any comments on your wall.
  • Post a status message daily, something engaging or interesting.
  • Comment on at least seven people’s status messages or updates.
  • Share at least 3 interesting updates that you find.
  • If you belong to groups or fan pages, leave a new comment or two.


  • Accept any invitations that make sense for you to accept.
  • Enter any recent business cards to invite them to LinkedIn (if you’re growing your network).
  • Drop into Q&A and see if you can volunteer 2-3 answers.
  • Provide 1 recommendation every few days for people you can honestly and fully recommend.
  • Add any relevant slide decks to the Slideshare app there, or books to the Amazon bookshelf.


  • Visit your blog’s comments section and comment back on at least 5 replies.
  • If you have a few extra minutes, click through to the blogs of the commenters, and read a post or two and comment back.
  • While on those sites, use a tool like StumbleUpon and promote their good work.
  • Write the occasional post promoting the good work of a blog in your community.

It’s Not Easy

Maintaining your online presence takes time. If you look at all I’ve listed above, that’s easily more than an hour of work. But it depends what the value of that presence is to you, if you’re doing this as an individual, or to your organization, if you’re doing this on behalf of a brand or product.

We’ve traded dollars for time, in lots of these equations, as we see the return on our advertising spend diminish. It’s your choice whether you want to maintain an active online presence, or if you want to get away with a bit less.

What do you think?


3 Responses to “19 Presence Management Chores You COULD Do Every Day”

  1. It’s a very interesting subject I was looking around about more information but you got really what i was looking for in your article so thanks and keep it up you have a great blog .

  2. 2 James Stratford @JRStratford (Twitter)

    That post was very apt. The great thing is that social networking is just that “social”. The advice Chis Brogan gives is timeless and apt. It’s actually the 1st time I’d seen it which is cool and there are a few things I’ll be working into my daily routine. I do quite a bit of blog commenting, but never if the post isn’t really good. What I’ve got to do is not only reply to people posting “it’s slow atm” , but to comment on their blogs at the rate of five per day. That’s a very actionable idea that hit me as well as the Facebook one to wish people a Happy Birthday via Twitter or email. I like being suprised and the feeling that someone took a little bit of extra effort is awesome!

    I actually had a CEO for a company that had a blog I commented on that sent me an email and thanks me for a complement, then continuing to let me know that if what was done slipped then let him know… It was a very pleasant thing to have someone take the extra time and recognize an honest complement. I have a deep respect for him now.

    I trust that I didn’t digress to much off topic, but yet similar.
    My Two Cents

  3. Bravo! Loved the post. Happy B-lated something! Shall I tweet you instead?

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