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If you haven’t seen he commercial yet, Nationwide just released a new iphone app for their insurance customers.  Here is a great example of a company developing an app to really add value to their customer’s lives. If you are thinking about developing an iphone app, make sure that you are providing value to your […]

Alysia Shivers, a fellow new media friend and colleague of mine, recently wrote a great article for the Naples Florida Weekly (my hometown) on the increasing integration of social network marketing into the real estate industry.  Enjoy! Of the 87 percent of buyers using the Internet in 2008, 32 percent found a home compared to […]

Business Metrics: Hard Metrics vs Soft Metrics Marketing Prof’s recently posted an article from Ardath Albee discusses an ongoing debate between “Hard” and “Soft” marketing proponents on the best way to measure ROI. The Hard Marketing Camp, she says, “wants to tie everything to sales metrics saying anything that doesn’t result in a revenue measurement […]

Seth Godin wrote a great post a few days back, talking about a new way to approach every meeting and conference you attend.  His new mantra “Why am I here?” is explained below…. This is a simple mantra that is going to change the way you attend every meeting and every conference for the rest […]

Here is a great post from Chris Brogan on the difference between communicating to an Audience or a Community.  Enjoy! The difference between an audience and a community is which direction the chairs are pointing. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. When we say community and we mean our selling demographic, that’s not […]

Below is a great post from Daniel Rothamel, Real Estate Agent, on how agents can use Twitter to increase their business and market their services. For those of you who are thinking, “Twitter? Really? Twitter? You can’t be serious.,” you may want to take a second and go back to the intro post and check […]

Below is a great post from James Shiner, from GeekEstate, on integrating Facebook into your Real Estate Strategy. Facebook is a phenomenon used by hundreds of millions of users worldwide. According to / comScore — Facebook has over 110 million active users, is the 4th most-trafficked website in the world, and is the most-trafficked […]