Social Media Metrics: A Master List


Here is a great list of possible social media measurements and metrics from fellow social media alum Rachel Happe‘s blog  “The Social Organization.”

Activity Metrics

  • Pageviews
  • Unique visitors
  • Members
  • Posts (ideas/threads)
  • Number of groups (networks/forums)
  • Comments & Trackbacks
  • Tags/Ratings/Rankings
  • Time spent on site
  • Contributors
  • Active contributors
  • Word count
  • Referrals
  • Completed profiles
  • Connections (between members)
  • Ratios: Member to contributor; Posts to comments; Completed profiles to posts
  • Periods: By day, week, month, year
  • Frequency: of visits, posts, comments

Survey Metrics

  • Satisfaction
  • Affinity
  • Quality and speed of issue resolution
  • Referral likelihood
  • Relevance of content, connections

ROI Measurements

  • Marketing/Sales
    • Cost per number of engaged prospects (community vs. other initiatives)
    • Number of leads/period
    • Number of qualified leads/period
    • Ratio of qualified to non-qualified leads
    • Cost of lead
    • Time to qualified lead
    • Lead conversion
    • Number of pre-sales reference calls (to other customers)
    • Average new revenue per customer
    • Lifetime value of customers
  • Customer Support
    • Customer satisfaction
    • Number of initiated support tickets per customer per period
    • Support cost per customer in community
  • Product Development
    • Number of new product ideas
    • % of ideas from customers/prospects/community
    • Idea to development initiation cycle time
    • Revenue/Adoption rate of new products from community vs. traditional sources
  • HR
    • Retention/Employee turn over
    • Time to hire
    • Prospect identification cost
    • Prospect to hire conversion rate
    • Hiring cost
    • Training cost
    • Time to acclimation for new employees

Individual Metrics (for members)  NEW

  • New ‘friends’ after 30/60/90 days
  • Number of friends met online that users have met offline
  • Number of friends met online that member has subsequently collaborated with
  • Number of ideas that the user has gotten and then used in their work

One Response to “Social Media Metrics: A Master List”

  1. Is there a need for ROI? Is it times that clients were asked to dismiss ROI as an indicator of success?

    What is better for a client – a videol that has 2 million page views or an immeasurable improvment in the brand’s online image?

    Just thinking out loud 🙂

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