Social Media Mobile Marketing


Social Media Mobile Marketing

Of Facebook’s 150 million members, 25 million are strictly mobile users, utilizing their mobile phone to manage, interact, and grow their accounts. With all of the new mobile phone technologies arriving from Apple, Nokia, and Blackberry, users are able to engage online via cell phone, as easily as they can with their laptops.
Facebook is only one of many platforms promoting their mobile profile services. MySpace is another extremely popular mobile platform, recording over 7 million mobile users in it’s first 6 months of existence, and you can imagine what that number has grown to today!

Following along with this trend, eMarketer forecasts that mobile social networking will grow from 82 million users in 2007 to over 800 million worldwide by 2012. “This population will comprise current online social networkers who are extending their digital lives to mobile as well as a growing number of mobile-only social networkers,” said John du Pre Gauntt, eMarketer senior analyst and co-author of the new report, Mobile Social Networks.

“Along with the rapidly growing audience, marketers are drawn to mobile social networking because it creates a unique context in which to promote their goods and services,” said Debra Aho Williamson, eMarketer senior analyst and co-author of the report. “It goes beyond simply linking people with digital content by adding the immediacy of sharing with friends—a very powerful marketing proposition.”

To help you as you begin to develop your mobile social networking strategy, I have developed a list of my top mobile social networks for you to begin with. Remember, each network listed below has it’s own set of users, with it’s own demographic appeal. Find the network that works for you, and engage like you would online. Remember, these are social networks. Ads and spam will be just as unwelcome here as they would on MySpace or Facebook’s internet-based communities.

  • Hobnobster – Hobnobster is a web and mobile relationship service where singles can search and communicate with quality singles online and mobile.
  • -ZYB is an easy way to store your phone’s contacts, pictures, text messages and calendar events online. ZYB also lets you connect with people you know and makes sure you always have their updated contact details on your phone. As most of your real life friends are already on your phone, ZYB gives some additional social features like photo tagging and content sharing with the people you know.
  • – Get mig33 and you’ll be connected to people around the world. IM, visit chat rooms, send email, share photos, SMS and, of course, make cheap calls
  • – Share where you are with your friends, receive alerts when they are nearby and chat 24/7 for free.
  • MeetMoi – MeetMoi is a safe and easy dating service for meeting people near you. Using groundbreaking technology, MeetMoi looks for people around your location and lets you browse pictures, send messages, and connect with members, all from your cell phone. Since MeetMoi values safety above everything, no one’s actual location is ever revealed.
  • – Brightkite is a location-based social network. In real time you can see where your friends are and what they’re up to. Depending on your privacy settings you can also meet others nearby.
  • – JuiceCaster lets you meet new people, connect with friends and share your photos and videos directly from your mobile phone. Instantly post videos and pictures to your Myspace, Facebook and other sites.
  • – Treemo is a online and mobile community dedicated to sharing digital media, empowering self-expression, and transforming creativity into action. By offering an ever-evolving gallery of video, audio, photography, words, and visual art, Treemo inspires visitors to create their own digital expressions, and to share those creations with the world – on the web and on mobile phones.
  • – Veeker is Video and Picture Messaging for Phone and Web.
  • – The groovr goal is to help people stay connected, not just online, but out in life too. We want our users to move seamlessly from laptop to mobile phone to meeting new friends in new places. Groovr keeps track of what’s cool. Find local events happening in your city right now. Mobile pictures, video, and live chat give you an inside look before you head out.
  • – Whether exploring new places or revisiting their favorite venues, most everyone you know is constantly exploring. Every now and again, you may hear of the travels, but more often than not, such news is lost to the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Flagr changes all this by enabling you to easily keep tabs with your friends’ most current whereabouts as well as their thoughts along the way. Whether it’s a killer burrito place or a new hilarious movie that your friends stumble upon, you are “in the know.”
  • – Socialight lets you create, share and discover virtual Sticky Notes stuck to actual places all around you. Sounds simple right? It is! It’s also very powerful…
  • – Twitter is a service for friends, family, and co–workers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: What are you doing?
  • Zannel – Zannel is about life in real time. It’s a way for you and your friends to share what you’re doing, feeling, and seeing as it happens. It’s a free service that allows you to create your own mobile page where you can post videos, pictures, and text updates with your phone to instantly share with your friends and start a conversation. You can also follow friends, meet new friends, and watch videos.
  • Myspace Mobile – Myspace on your mobile phone.
  • Facebook Mobile – Facebook on your mobile.

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