Branding: What’s In A Name?

Type your name into Google and see what happens. If you have multiple forms of informative content about you appearing in the top ten, congratulations, you are pretty well branded online. If your results are slim however, you may have some work to do to increase the power of your name. Large corporations understand the power of a name, but now, we are in an “Age of the Individual,” where your name is your brand, and the power of your brand determines your success.
There are many great ways to increase your individual brand power, and here are a few tips to get you started.
  • Start a blog. Become a thought leader in your industry, by starting a blog and writing about relevant new technologies, or business techniques. The key to this method, is understanding what your audience (or potential audience) wants to read and learn about. Tip: Don’t be afraid to get a little controversial.
  • Join a Social Networking website, and use your name as your login. My LinkedIn profile is, and as a result, when I google my name, my LinkedIn profile is one of the first results on the page. What is better that having your personal resume networking page at the top of the search results, pushing people to your expertise?
  • Get your name out there. Post to forums, comment on other people’s blogs, spark conversations with colleagues across the Internet. Keep your commentary intelligent and meaningful, and push users back to your personal websites (i.e. blog, social networking sites, etc). Always remember, communication is critical. The key to developing a personal brand is engagement. You must spark conversations with other people to be successful.

By following these tips, you can successfully develop your own personal brand and differentiate yourself from your competitors. In today’s global society, your name is everything, manage it well and you will find success. Get lost in the shuffle, and you may end up struggling to keep your head above water.


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