Online Video Production: Video Marketing – 5 Steps for Success


Online Video Production: Video Marketing – 5 Steps for Success

Online Videos have been named the primary focus of marketers in 2009, as it allows brand marketers to create and send out a message on multiple levels via visual imagery, the spoken word, music and visual text. In this exciting world of new media and social media, video can and will play an extremely important role in shaping the future of online marketing. We are already beginning to see the shirt occur – No longer are people relying on their television for entertainment. People are now reaching ot to the web, and services such as YouTube, Hulu, and for entertainment, and I predict that their success is only going to grow.

In order to be successful at video marketing, you must understand the rules of the game, and know your playing field well. There is nothing more upsetting that spending your time (and money) developing a video campaign, only to not promote it properly and receive a disappointingly low number of views or clicks. To help you understand how to create an engaging video or video campaign, here is a list of 5 Steps to follow for success, from Maria Andros, touted as the Video Marketing Queen.

1. The Welcome

Everyone loves to be welcomed and the more you can smile and be authentic the better. Let them know that you are happy they stopped by and say something like “Hello and welcome to this video.” (A great tip when you’re filming is to make sure you smile and pretend like you are talking to your best friend or family member).

2. Share Your Story

Before you get into your opportunity, you first need to build a background of relatedness. Share something about you, where you’re from perhaps, you want to establish credibility here by sharing anything that will make you sound like an authority and why I should listen to you.

3. What’s in it for Me?

In your videos you also want to make it all about your viewers. It’s important to build a sense of relatedness first and once you do you want to provide value. You can teach your viewers something; a “how to” video usually converts really well. In this part of the formula you also want to really bring out the problem that your prospect is facing and to offer a solution:

For example if you are a dating coach you can say, “I know what it’s like to not be confident with women. I used to be like that, I was shy, I was awkward and I would just avoid women period to not risk getting rejected … Until I discovered…”

Marketing is simply being able to explain someone’s problem better than they can explain it themselves and then offering a “solution. Here you can share the solution that you found and then go into your product more in detail.

4.Your Irresistible Offer or “Hook”

Here is where you can offer your prospect something for free whether it’s a free report, a free audio class, a free video report and share with them what you are going to teach them if they come visit your website.

5. Call to Action

This is often what is missing in most videos that I see online, there is no call to action. As kids we are taught to follow the leader almost like Simon says so you want to let your prospects know what to do next. This can be simply telling them to go to your website, to give you a phonecall, to add you on twitter, it’s completely up to you.

By following the 5-Steps above, you can develop successful, engaging videos to help build your busieness’ success. Stay tuned for more video marketing tips coming up later int he week!!


2 Responses to “Online Video Production: Video Marketing – 5 Steps for Success”

  1. 1 Anton

    We made a music video for our website and then got stickers made for really cheap at stickerjunkie dot com with the web address. We slapped them all over town and started getting hits on the video…


    • 2 laurencandito

      That’s great! The key to a successful video campaign is content. You have to have quality content that reaches your audience. It can be funny, dramatic, reality – it doesn’t matter as long as it connects with your audience.

      Thanks for the comment!

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