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Online Video Production: Online Video Named as a Primary Focus of Marketers in 2009 According to a recent survey, conducted by PermissionTV of more than 400 senior-level decision makers online video is now the top priority for digital marketing budgets for 2009. The study finds that more than 50% of marketers surveyed are planning to […]

Campaign Strategy: Main Benefits of Social Media Marketing If you are struggling to convey the value that social media marketing has to your business or organizations, the below chart from eMarketer may be able to help you make your case a little stronger. Experts asked US Marketing Executives across the country what they believed the […]

Online Video Marketing: The SEO Value of Videos We have all seen the increase in video marketing over the past few months, and heard all of the chatter about the value of video from marketing experts, but did you know that video marketing, or social videos, are also an extremely valuable SEO tool? Well, you […]

Social Media meets Astronomy Yesterday, the Brains on Fire blog wrote a post about how social media relates to a relatively unusual topic… Astronomy. They wrote: “Did you know that astronomers just discovered that the Milky Way is 50% larger than they originally thought? Just think about it for a second – all those new […]

Type your name into Google and see what happens. If you have multiple forms of informative content about you appearing in the top ten, congratulations, you are pretty well branded online. If your results are slim however, you may have some work to do to increase the power of your name. Large corporations understand the […]

Campaign Strategy: So You Have a Facebook Profile…Now What?? One of the first things that a lot of companies will do in their social media strategy is to create a social network profile, via MySpace, Facebook, Ning, or other network, but knowing how to fully utilize that profile is another matter entirely. Many companies look […]

Campaign Strategy: Online Community Best Practices As social media continues to sweep the nations, more and more companies are venturing into the online community space to promote their company’s products or services. Unfortunately, all too many of these companies fail because they are looking at online communities solely as a new way to market themselves, […]